The colors of the Onyx Ambar Marble is a special combination of brown, white and gold mixed in a fascinating pattern. Onyx Ambar Stone exhibits warm amber tones with white and gold colored lines. The lines can be orientated horizontally or vertically. In the cylindrical lamps our craftsman will cut the stone so the lines will align horizontally whereof for the rectangular lamps the lines will be positioned vertically to better express the beauty of this wonderful texture.

The lamps in Onyx Ambar Marble are relatively bright and can be used as a decorative element in any room. In Onyx Ambar we can produce sphere lamps up to 50 cm (20 in) in diameter, rectangular closed lamps and cylindrical closed and open lamps in nearly all sizes, up to 160 cm (63 in) for rectangular and 100 cm (39 in) for cylindrical lamps.

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